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05 May 2020Burghley flyer
05 May 2020Burghley booking form
04 May 2020Shropshire information leaflet
16 March 2020Jewellery flyer
05 March 2020Crossing Continents booking form
05 March 2020Crossing Continents poster
19 November 2019Birmingham booking form
19 November 2019Birmingham flyer
18 November 2019Magic Lanterns flyer
14 May 2019Minutes of 2018 AGM
14 May 2019Constitution, as approved at AGM May 2019
14 May 2019AGM 2019 notice and agenda
09 May 2019Grimsthorpe Castle
06 May 2019A visit to Wiltshire and Dorset. Information leaflet.
23 April 2019Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire
18 March 2019William Morris SID flyer
27 February 2019Blenheim booking form
10 January 2019Gift Aid Form 2019
20 November 2018Hampton Court booking form
05 November 2018Sebba SID booking form
05 November 2018Sebba SID Information and booking form
24 October 2018Voewood and Castle Acre flyer and booking
29 July 2018Golden Anniversary Celebration - Bertie Pearce, "Creating an Imaginary World"
16 May 2018Gainsborough flyer
16 May 2018Gainsborough booking form
15 May 2018AGM 2018 Agenda
15 May 2018Minutes of 2017 AGM
15 May 2018Minutes of EGM November 2017
07 May 2018Treasures of Northern Italy
01 May 2018Harlaxton Manor booking form
17 April 2018Sainsbury Centre Information and Booking form
16 April 2018Lecture programme 2018-19
01 April 2018Old Constitution and Rules, prior to May 2019
01 April 2018Standing Order form
01 April 2018Gift Aid form