Granta has slightly fewer than 400 members - our numbers are limited by the size of Wolfson Hall at Churchill College. We welcome new members and at present our policy is not to operate a waiting list, admitting new members as soon as possible. For more details please contact Neil Rushton, our Membership Secretary, at

Those waiting to join are very welcome to attend two lectures a year as the guest of a member, and may come to Study Days, and some visits, on the same basis as members. 

They may also become Heritage Volunteers or Church Recorders and take part in other Granta activities such as Young Arts.

Membership of Granta includes membership of The Arts Society, whose quarterly Arts Society Review is posted directly to members. The review includes information on Area and National lectures, Special Interest Days and Exhibitions. The Arts Society membership card entitles members to certain concessions, and you can find details of these in the 'Offers' section of the latest copy of the review. You can also find out more about the Arts Society at this link:

Transferring from another Arts Society
Members of other Societies who move into the Cambridge area are welcome to join Granta at any time. A reduced subscription will be requested from those who join part way through the year.  

Members may bring guests to the lecture for the modest contribution of £5, payable to the Treasurer on the day. The same person may not attend as a guest more than twice in any one year. 

The annual subscription to The Arts Society Granta is £40 a year, payable by June 1st. Cheques should be sent to the Acting Treasurer at 20 Chaucer Road, Cambridge CB2 7EB. A new standing order form is in preparation, therefore at this time please send payment by cheque only.

Application forms
Application forms to join Granta are available from the Membership Secretary at

Gift Aid
The Arts Society Granta is a registered charity and so may claim a tax credit on donations and subscriptions.  This can be claimed for each individual who currently pays income tax and/or capital gains tax. Gift-aiding your subscription provides important additional income to Granta, allowing us to enhance the amount we are able to give to the various educational activities which we support.

A Gift Aid declaration form must be completed and may be downloaded here: Gift aid form